About Us

Don Nichols Building Contractor, Inc. is a Maine based company specializing in custom home design and construction. We can provide all the services necessary for simple, to the most complex building and renovation projects.

We take pride in the reputation we have developed over the last 39+ years and with each new home construction or renovation, we put our reputation on the line. Our biggest goal in this industry is to maintain this reputation by providing our customers with the highest level of quality in the industry.

In today’s competitive home construction market, we at Don Nichols Building Contractor, Inc. have found that the best way to assure customer satisfaction is by providing a superior product. Together we can design and build your perfect home, addition, renovation, or cabinetry project.

Who We Are

Don Nichols Building Contractor was established in 1981 as a sole proprietorship by Donald 0. Nichols III. In 1995, the company incorporated as Don Nichols Building Contractor, Inc. with Donald 0. Nichols III as the president.

Since 1981, Don Nichols Building Contractor Inc. has been committed to the highest quality in workmanship and has excelled in the area of custom woodworking and cabinetry. Don Nichols Building Contractor, Inc. features a completely equipped in-house cabinet shop that consistently produces customized wood cabinets of the finest quality.

Don Nichols Building Contractor, Inc. brings the same commitment to quality and attention to detail as a general contractor as it does with its cabinetry. With 39+ years of general contracting experience, Don Nichols Building Contractors, Inc. has successfully managed a wide variety of residential projects ranging from custom renovations, additions, and new homes.

Don Nichols Building Contractor, Inc. works closely with owners and architects to ensure that all parties have a clear understanding of project objectives and that all parties are completely satisfied with the final project results. In addition, through the use of an established network of highly skilled subcontractors working as a team with the employees of Don Nichols Building Contractor, Inc. the company has established a reputation for delivering high-quality projects on-time and within budget.

I feel that satisfied customers are the best indicators of a company’s qualifications. I encourage you to contact us to supply a list of references. These people will let you know that Don Nichols Building Contractor, Inc. is truly committed to delivering a quality product that satisfies the customer. Please contact me if you would like to visit any of our completed projects or to discuss your project.

What We Do

Over the past 39+ years, our team has successfully completed a wide range of projects. Those projects range from small additions, major renovations, and cabinetry projects, to the finest quality new residential projects.

One of the keys to our success over the past 39+ years is being committed to consistently delivering a superior quality product on all projects, no matter what the size.